What is CHM?

CHM means "Compiled Windows HTML Help files". It is a set of technologies for delivering help and Web contents using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). HTML Help is designed for authors or developers who create contents for software programs, multimedia titles, intranets, extranets, or for the Internet. HTML Help provides navigational controls that enable users to easily find and sort information.

CHM is a replacer of winhelp file system, and also it is a very popular E-BOOK file format on the internet. CHM is so little and with powerful search function that more and more people begin to recognize it and use it.

PowerCHM Key Features

Automatically create your CHM files from Html Files, Text Files and Microsoft Word Documents

With PowerCHM you can create your CHM files automatically from Html Files (including .htm, .html and .mht), Text Files (.txt) and Microsoft Word Documents (.doc/.docx).

Make CHM Files by Import Folder and All Sub Folders

With PowerCHM you can import a prepared folder and all it's sub folders to make CHM files. In the prepared folder, all the support files will be imported.

Directly Open and Save Microsoft HTML Help Workshop Project (.hhp file)

With PowerCHM you can directly open and save Microsoft HTML Help Workshop project (.hhp file). This will let PowerCHM can work together with other help authoring tools.

Edit a .htm or .html File Directly

With PowerCHM you can edit a .htm or .html file directly. Such as highlight some important texts, change text color, change a link's URL, etc. From now on, you can do such simple edit work without frequent switches between PowerCHM and other html editors.

Automatically generate topic and index item title by parsing from title, filename or text of a specificed line

With PowerCHM you can automatically generate topic and index item by parsing from title, filename or text of a specificed line.

Decompile a single CHM file or decompile CHM files in a batch

With PowerCHM you can decompile a CHM file to extract all it's source files. You can also use batch decompile command to decompile more than one chm file at a time. At the same time you can extract all source files from every chm file. This is a very useful function.

Context-sensitive Help Supported

PowerCHM now support context-sensitive help format, this means that PowerCHM can import Map file and Alias file. So you can use Context-sensitive Help in your program.

32-bit & 64-bit Windows Supported

Microsoft Office 2010 Ribbon Style Theme  [Top]

PowerCHM Screenshots

PowerCHM Screenshot - Interface
PowerCHM Screenshot - Html Files Import

PowerCHM Conversion Example

PowerCHM Conversion Example - Html Files
PowerCHM Conversion Example - CHM File

System Requirements

Before installing PowerCHM, please be sure you have:

  • Windows XP/2003/Vista/7 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Word 2000 or higher
  • Internet Explorer v4.1 or later
  • 32 MB RAM or more
  • 5 MB free disk space
  • At least 800*600 screen solution¬†[Top]

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